The Centre for Transformational HR

Unleashing the Fullest Potential of HR


Built from the 2017 book Transformational HR, is this 3-stage programme of skills and professional development. It aims to take HR professionals into a more transformational state of being and doing to provide innovative and adaptive HR, OD and L&D products and solutions to help people and organisations with the transforming world of work. Transforming individual practice, collective application and strategic systems for people and organisation development. This programme brings more inclusion, agility and creativity to HR that creates value at all 3 levels via a new model for HR, using Agile teams to design and develop solutions while fostering a reflective state of self-knowing.


Key Outcomes

Individual focus on transforming self and building adaptability and resilience, to instigating, respond to, and develop transformational HR activities.

Collective application of an Agile methodology for designing, developing and deploying transformational HR products and solutions that solve people and business-related problems and capitalise on opportunities for efficiencies and productive change.

Confidence in using additional strategic sensibilities in making system-wide transformation at a functional, divisional, and organisational level. This delivers more impactful, value-creating people and organisations fit for the 21st-century world of work.



Open Programmes
Run online in connected cohorts and workshops.
Approximately 3 days of applied learning split over 3 months.
Priced £395 per person.

In-House Programmes
Run in-person connected cohorts and workshops.
3 days of learning split over 3 months, with 1-month gaps for application of learning.
Priced £4800 for up to 16 people including all materials and coaching.


*A portion of the fees received will go to carbon-offset charities and non-profits for any environmental impact of this programme in travel etc.

*SME, startup, Non-Profit and Employee-Owned organisations will receive a 10% discount.