Teams Lab

Build Knockout High-Performing Teams Equipped for Success

Using The Game Changer Index®– work out your Strategists, Implementers, Playmakers, Polishers and Game Changers to optimise team construct, and bring the right energies, intent and focus to tackle your toughest business challenges.

Using the Game Changer Index® and consulting with one of our in-house GCologists will empower your people to better know themselves; appreciate the dynamics they bring to the team context; and understand the complementarity of diversely skilled team members to add value and achieve collective excellence.

Build high performing teams made up of a balanced collection of key strengths and abilities designed for success. The GC Index® is a radical re-think of how organisations recognise and nurture key talent; identifying how people at all levels in organisations make their best impact.



Using the Game Changer Index® organimetric, provide clearer insight into the energy sources your people have to tackle your most difficult challenges.

Move beyond behaviours and personality traits to show where people come alive most in their work. This provides you with an optimal way to set up small units of change through people’s natural inclinations.

Support the personal development and awareness of your people, allowing them to unleash their best selves – both individually and as part of a collective.

Understand the strengths and core makeup of your teams while identifying gaps and developmental areas for continuous improvement.



  • Discovery meeting
  • Prep materials
  • Game Changer Index organimetric testing
  • Virtual Simulation delivery (2-3 hours)
  • Breakout teams
  • Results review consultation with one of our in-house registered GCologists
  • Interactive teams review
  • Post materials

“Together Let’s Reinvent, Better Business for a Better World”