Side Hustle Incubator

Building Innovative Futures Today


Helping creativity fly in HR, OD, learning, people, culture and change by hosting innovation concepts from practitioners and entrepreneurs who wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to test their concept and learn.

We believe in designing our own futures, yet it’s not that easy when you have a ‘day job’ or ‘fledgeling’ business. So for those ideas people want to try out, we’ll host/incubate that dream with those who share our principles and aspirations.

Hosting ideas and ventures with PTHR affiliates. Advising, validating and stress-testing concepts. Connecting with clients and the PTHR network for tests and pilots, insight and research. Helping those with PTHR-aligned business propositions go to “market” as joint or solo ventures (Powered by PTHR).


User Stories

  • You have an idea or potential venture/product that is aligned but additional to PTHR core business and/or HR. OD, L&D, Culture, Change, Transformation etc.
  • You have the desire to sample the freelance/independent world but don’t want to give up the paid job yet.
  • You would like to leverage the extensive network, connections, partners and clients PTHR has.
  • You have a research need, hypothesis to test, or pre-venture market test to conduct and you would like to use PTHR to both validate, shape, and open the PTHR network to that insight-gathering proposition.
  • You want to create a business venture on an already tested proposition and want to gently ramp it up using PTHR to host the product and create demand (even service some of the demand) to potentially accelerate the kick-off of your business venture.
  • You want to learn with the PTHR network not necessarily to research or try out a venture, but learn more about life as an independent entrepreneurial practitioner.


The Process

Expression of Interest
In the form below or email to our Executive Business Partner, Katy Stanley (katy@pthr.co.uk). We have a legal framework that means we will honour your innovation and in no way will plagiarise or use your concepts without your permission from the moment you share your initial interest and information with us.


We follow the Agile process methodology, to develop the Product Story, User Story, Roadmap, Economic Appraisal and Intellectual Property arrangements. We elaborate on this model in response to your interest.

Next steps will be outlined once we have considered how well your innovation aligns to PTHR’s core purpose of Better Business for a Better World and our philosophies and agenda for change in creating more progressive workplaces.

There may be key decisions to be taken if we believe your innovative idea is a good fit with our purpose and mission, values and vision. So they will include revenue share, risk, plans for promoting, engaging and actualising the idea with our network and more.


Please contact us below and we would be delighted to explore the innovative possibilities. It is exciting to be at the forefront of innovation in people, culture, change, HR, OD and learning and we would love to have as many side-hustlers join us in changing the world of work, one incubated hustle at a time.