PTHR On-Demand

Help at Your Fingertips


It isn’t always easy to programme packages of work up to make it worthwhile going through the procurement gateways to engage a consulting advisor.

Which is why we’re happy to offer PTHR On-Demand. A bank of hours which can be used and drawn down as the situation dictates. In blocks of 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 it is a way of creating a long or short term range of inputs, advice, guidance, design, delivery, coaching – whatever is needed.

A trial-size – 8 or 16 hours – starts at £1900 (with discounts for non-profit organisations) and a process that suits your internal governance to ensure there is a value-creation and return on such investments. Coaching teams, building programmes, ad-hoc advice, researching, and evidence gathering. This package is the equivalent of a coach-in-your-pocket with an initial conversation to explore what this service would be used for is at your demand with no expectation to sign up. Scope, procurement, and eventual aesment are complementary aspects with only work ‘on the clock’ chargeable.



  • £1900 for 8 coaching/ consulting support

  • £2800 for 16 hours

  • £4900 for 32 hours

  • £9800 for 64 hours


Please contact us below and we would be delighted to explore how we might help your organisation thrive in the world of work.