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Don’t Recover, Reinvent


Welcome to our Business Reinvention Labs – a suite of virtual Laboratories to bring people together and shape your business beyond the pandemic response.

Whilst we all recognise how we’ve had to adapt and somewhat disperse our work and people, the return is not as simple as the word itself.

Many people have adjusted well, and some not so well, to a dispersed way of working; and both company culture and processes have had to adapt.

Of course, such challenges are also opportunities, yet how do organisations put their strategy, business plans, operational protocols, and creative people to these opportunities in a humane, imaginative, cohesive, and value-creating way?

Now, it’s time for the next step: Not Recovery, Reinvention.

Our Solution: What are Labs?

Labs are a series of distinct, but related virtual learning simulations that bring new solutions, strategies, and business models to life to build a ‘better world through better business’.


What the Business Reinvention Labs do:

  1. Allow you to consider areas that need immediate and near attention;
  2. Invite people to contribute to your choices and options in reinventing areas that are now very different from BC (Before-Coronavirus).
  3. Convene your team and challenges with us to run a Lab or series of Labs that will start your reinvention process.
  4. Skill people so that they can run their own internal follow-on Labs or further kick-start Labs with your people.


The 2-3 hours in a virtual environment – whatever Lab or Labs you choose – will only start the process. Yet it will give you models, tools, and platforms to build on and therefore the intent is not long-term, costly consulting support. It is a movement-creating, individual agency-building programme of catalytic and confidence-boosting support that will see your people step in and reinvent your – and their – business.


Labs Will:

  • Help you choose the best Labs to get you going.
  • Deliver the initial Labs with you to build your agency and capability whilst getting from ground zero to step 1.
  • Enable you to deliver the changes you need with your people, by your people.


Labs Won’t:

  • Reinvent your business through boardroom presentations and a series of briefings. 
  • Have you beholden to consulting partners for a long drawn-out programme of change. You will reinvent your business through aligned, autonomous activism that uses every atom of energy, creativity, and commitment your own people have.

Our 9 Labs

Design Lab

Create powerful solutions from vision to product with Design Thinking

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Hack Lab

Unlock new futures through collaborative Hackathon innovation

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Impact Lab

Map the real effects of change to maximize value creating decisions

Learn More

Agile Lab

Navigate complexity with agility & execute with purpose inspired by Agile Sprint methodology

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Job Crafting

Empower your people to design work they love

Learn More


Build knockout high-performing teams equipped for success

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Learning Lab

Design immersive skill & development opportunities

Learn More

Transformational HR Lab

Enhance HRs value creation at individual, collective, and systemic levels

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Business Partnering Lab

Develop trusting, cross functional relationships to effect change

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The Process

"Together Let's Reinvent Better Business for a Better World"

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