Job Crafting Lab

Empower Your People to Design Work They Love

Working with the pioneering Rob Baker of Tailored Thinking, the Job Crafting Lab deploys a method and model for people to recraft/adapt their jobs in accordance with changing demands and needs, as featured in the book Personalization at Work.

Experimenting with this modern approach to role development will empower individuals and teams to lean into the work they love most while supporting business goals and efficiency by deploying the best skills they have.



Using Rob Baker’s Personalisation at Work approach to job crafting will help people forever adapt their jobs to changing needs, demands, and circumstances without the need for delay, irrelevance, and unclear priority work.

Enable your people to be responsive and direct their work and skills, on their terms in alignment with what’s needed from them, their colleagues, the organisation, and the people it serves.

Empower your people to get closer to the work they are most passionate about and feel engaged in crafting and directing their own role, learning, and skills development.

Get the best from your people by giving them the autonomy to deploy their best skills and lean into what energises them positively impacting on their wellbeing and sense of fulfillment.

Facilitate high performing teams and flourishing people who have more agency and choice over the way their work is set out, measured, and delivered to key operational goals and outcomes.



  • Discovery meeting
  • Prep materials
  • Virtual Simulation Delivery (2-3 hours)
  • Bespoke jobcraft mapping
  • Breakout teams
  • Interactive engagement
  • Solution board session output
  • Post materials

“Together Let’s Reinvent, Better Business for a Better World”