Hack Lab

Unlock New Futures through Collaborative Innovation

Using crowd-sourced ‘Hackathon’-style innovation that helps bring a wider range of voices and ideas to solve small or large problems for your people, partners and customers.

Using this method, we can bring some of the most challenging workplace issues to our Labs.

Working through the sprint-based approach will create not only more insight, but also a solution-eering and innovative hack you can design in this session and develop and deploy afterwards.

Hackathons allow your teams to experiment in breakout simulations to work collaboratively and think differently.



Grappling with live examples of issues and problems that are unique to your organisation and require a tailored, breakthrough solution.

Inclusivity, creativity and pioneering ideas are created and used to develop measurable aspirations from our Hack Labs. 

Incidental outcomes include the benefits of diversity of thought, perspective and experiences,enhanced voice and influence from otherwise untapped and perhaps even overlooked people who may just be catalytic spark to lasting change.

Using our Hack Lab, you will create a core group of colleagues who now understand and can use the Hackathon method to host and facilitate their own Hack Labs for future problems and opportunities that come your way.



  • Discovery meeting
  • Prep materials
  • Tech familiarization board
  • Virtual Simulation Delivery (2-3 hours, recommended 10 People for Initial Hack Lab)
  • Bespoke challenge
  • Breakout teams
  • Interactive experiments
  • Solution boards
  • Post Materials
  • Facilitators guide for future iterations lead by your people

“Together Let’s Reinvent, Better Business for a Better World”