Design Lab

Creating Powerful Solutions from Vision to Product

Using Design Thinking to tackle complex known and unknown problems; by applying empathy for those who need to use the solution, defining what we know from data and experiences;  generating a range of ideas, and adopting iterative approaches to prototyping and testing.

Using this method, we can bring some of the most challenging workplace issues to our Labs.

Working through the Design Thinking Principles will create not only more insight, but also a  prototype or adapted solution.

Design Thinking allows your teams to experiment in breakout simulations to work collaboratively and think differently.

Pioneering thinking from the likes of R Buckminster Fuller, Stanford University’s D-Labs, Dentsu Aegis’ Yuya Furukawa, and the IDEO crew, we’ve distilled down years of great thinking into a simulator for a high-impact design approach to develop creative solutions to some of your trickiest challenges.



Learning with live examples of issues and problems that are bespoke to your needs that require a breakthrough solution.

Using our Design Lab, you will create a core group of colleagues who now understand and can use the Design Thinking method to host and facilitate their own Design Labs.



  • Discovery meeting
  • Prep materials
  • Tech familiarization board
  • Virtual Simulation Delivery (2-3 hours, recommended 10 People for Initial Design Lab)
  • Bespoke challenge
  • Breakout teams
  • Interactive experiments
  • Solution boards
  • Post Materials
  • Facilitators guide for future iterations lead by your people

“Together Let’s Reinvent, Better Business for a Better World”