Unorthodox & Unplugged

We are #TeamPTHR

Founded in 2012 by Perry Timms, the 8-year story of PTHR has evolved into the eight-plus strong organisation of today. As such, we hope to curate this space to showcase our collective spirit and individual strengths. We aim to share unplugged ideas and experiences to connect with a community of kindred spirits, dreamers, and doers. It seems only fitting that Perry Timms open the conversation…



I recall fondly the MTV series of shows and albums ‘Unplugged’. Acoustic sessions from a range of artists.

And so it is with this – a series of performances – via a set of blog posts from the unorthodox group that is #TeamPTHR. 

Starting with me, in 2012, PTHR (People and Transformational HR) joined the world of independent HR, Organisation Development, Learning, and Change consultancies.

There was always an aspiration to be unorthodox. Not to ‘do’ traditional HR but to be in the game of change to see more self-management, Agile, and human-centered design in the world of work. PTHR became known for Hackathons to innovate, Agile to accelerate, and Design Thinking to activate. Now, into 2020 and a mid-pandemic world, we’re pivoting to being a virtual enterprise and as our mission puts it: 

We aspire to be a connected, collaborative enterprise of conscious business activists, with audacious dreams of better business for a better world.

During the early days of PTHR, I had some ‘guest’ partners join in with me – in particular, 2013-14 Catalina Contoloru (and her friend Ana Marica) helped out before returning to Bucharest. 

Then, in 2017, Broch Cleminson – from all the way across the world in Western Australia, similarly joined in. Even sorting out visas and coming to live in the UK. 

Later in 2018, I met Emily Woolgar who was a student at Hult International Business School where I lectured, and in August 2019, Emily then joined in. 

Catalina returned later in 2019, as did Crystal Castillo from Mexico (who met me at 2 annual conferences in Miami), 

And then in early 2020, Kirsten Buck and Jessica Bailey (who I’d known both for a long time before setting up PTHR) entered into the working Mum territory and also helped out. 

In May 2020, Alessia Mevoli interned whilst studying for her HR Masters (after having heard me speak at the CIPD London Conference in January 2020), and then along came Clare Hems – a former client contact of mine and also now a working Mum.

So the 9 of us now make up #TeamPTHR with a few others assisting and we’re set up as we wanted to be – unorthodox. 

We’re also now unplugged. By that, I don’t mean an acoustic set, I mean we’re unplugging from work for a bit to share stories, experiences, opinions, examples, and just share a little more of who we are, what we’re inspired or challenged by, and what we do.

So without further adieu, it’s now time to hear from Jessica, Kirsten, Crystal, Broch, Catalina, Clare, Alessia, and Emily.

We’re all committed to doing what we can to create better business for a better world and I hope you’ll find their thoughts, voices, and spirits as interesting and inspiring as I do.