By Kirsten Buck

The second lens we use to approach sustainability is Tribe

Beyond the microsystem that is our Team, at a meso-level there is our Tribe. Our tribe is our broader community, supporters, and those we rely on. This includes, but is not limited to our partnerships, clients, the charities we support, and our respective families. Individuals within this tribe are a broad range of people and professions including students, teachers, business leaders, VIPs (very important toddlers), civil servants and volunteers, to name but a few. It is our aim to have a positive impact on this wider community of people with whom we connect, converse, and collaborate with on a regular basis. Effectively shaping, ‘Better Business for a Better World’ from the core outward.

To get technical, CSR or Corporate Citizenship has been described by academics as a type of business self-regulation that aims to contribute to societal goals of a philanthropic, activist, or charitable nature by engaging in or supporting volunteering and/ or ethically-oriented practices.

On a more personable level, to us, conceptualising PTHR as a Corporate Citizen naturally begs the question: What type of person do we want to be? Our answer: We’d like to be considered a kind and thoughtful friend who is always willing to extend a helping hand to others.

How are we working to live up to this?

1.Wellness starts from within

In order to show up for others in the world at our best it’s important to us to take care of ourselves and lead by example in promoting wellness within our community. We’ve prioritised wellbeing by implementing our four-day-operating-week (4DOW), with a non-operational #WellnessWednesday and have since become a certified 4-day work week employer. This has since sparked interest amongst our network and even inspired other organisations to experiment with this working structure. Experience has taught us that taking care of our community and eachother works best when we also take care of ourselves.

2. Lifting others up

Upward social mobility for young aspiring leaders is something we’re passionate about. This manifests through our annual paid student summer internship, as well as Perry’s involvement as a teaching professor at various institutions including Hult International Business School, Cranfield School of Management, Sheffield Hallam University, Ashridge Executive Education, and even an introductory HR course on LinkedIn Learning. We invest in talent development and work to extend internal opportunities for learning and development to other young people entering the workforce.

3. Spiritual Community Investment

PTHR’s Spiritual Investors Board engages a diverse group of  leaders as touchstones for ethics, diligence, innovation, inclusion, and voice to shape the impact we have in the world from an intersectional and inclusive perspective. It is important to us that our work be, “for the people, by the people”, and influenced by the wealth of unique lived experiences and expert advisors within our community. We are an iterative, not static, entity with a relentless desire to be in a constant state of learning and evolution. This is what drives our continuous improvement and thus differentiates the value we are able to deliver to our clients. 

4. Spreading Generosity

At PTHR we’re long standing admirers of charities on the frontlines of change for key issues in our world today. As such it is important to us to remove as many barriers as possible to charities seeking our advisory services, whether that takes shape through reduced rates of entirely pro-bono work. Additionally we take as many opportunities as possible to support charitable organisations via donation throughout our work. Currently we support Northampton Town Football Club Community Trust, Pepal.org, Canto Learning, and coaching for The Healthcare Public Sector Management Association and the Charities HR Network. We commit to supporting at least three charitable trusts per year, and have exceeded this goal in 2020. 10% of sales for our Business Reinvention Open Labs goes towards various charitable organisations.

5. Sharing the Knowledge

Perhaps equally as valuable as financial contributions to important causes, sharing knowledge, education, and information. “Knowledge is power” so the saying goes, and we wish to empower others. Thus, we created Tune-Up Tuesdays for all our Tribe of friends, coworkers, and partners to enjoy. Each week we open up the stage to admired VIPs (Very Important People) within our network to come share on their work, expertise, and what inspires them. We’ve welcomed Musicians, Authors, Diversity Champions, Loving Leaders, Professors, Movement Ignitors, Founders and CEOs, and so much more. We show our appreciation for the energising and insightful learning from each week’s VIP with a donation on their behalf to a charity of their choice. 

6. Living our values

Finally, we really consider who we work with. We are committed to our core principles and seek to ensure good values alignment with the clients we take on. This commitment is documented in a “Client Manifesto”. This ensures that clients we invest in are too working towards shaping a better world within their own circles of operation.


Our Sustainability Strategy Tribe lens is particularly important to PTHR because, after all, our reason for being is fundamentally centred around bettering our global community of workplaces everywhere. With this in mind, our tribe made up of our most direct community ties, is of the utmost salience to us. It is the ecosystem from which we hope to forge a sustainable and successful conscious global community!