Transformational HR

How Human Resources Can Create Value and Impact Business Strategy, By Perry Timms

Prepare your organization for lasting success with this handbook on how to make a greater impact on strategy, organization design, people and performance.


Key Features at a Glance

  • Provides a blueprint for HR professionals to become the transformational powerhouse they have the potential to be for their organizations
  • Includes examples from HR pioneers – who they are and why they’re succeeding – alongside case studies from a range of global organizations
  • Covers the latest developments in HR including Lean UX, holacracy, futurology, work-as-a-platform, Theory-U, conscious capitalism, generational differences and work in the gig economy

About the Book

In our increasingly fast and competitive world, HR professionals are uniquely placed to prepare an organization for lasting success. Pioneers are leading the way using the latest developments in the world of work such as Lean UX, holacracy, futurology and work-as-a-platform. Endorsed by the CIPD, Transformational HR shows HR professionals how to unleash this potential and use these advances to make an impact on business strategy.

This book puts transformational HR in context, exploring what has and hasn’t worked. It sets out a vision of what HR can be, providing examples of and lessons from HR thought leaders who have begun to transform their workplaces. In addition to presenting numerous examples, Transformational HR provides tools, models and advice for HR professionals aspiring to become more finely-tuned, responsive, forward-thinking and impact-led. Featuring case studies and references from companies from the USA, Mexico, Slovenia and the UK, it is a blueprint for turning the HR function into a powerhouse for organizational success and creating more fulfilling experiences for people.

About the Author

Perry Timms is a renowned blogger and global speaker on the transformative power of HR professionals. Perry is a 2-time TEDx speaker, was named on the HR Most Influential Thinkers list 3 years running and is a LinkedIn Learning Instructor. As Perry’s first book, Transformational HR, was an Amazon.com Top 30 HR seller shortly after its release and made Book Authority’s Top 100 Strategy books of all time. Perry’s second book, The Energized Workplace, has been recently released in August of 2020. Founder and Chief Energy Officer of People and Transformational HR Ltd, Perry is also a registered MCIPD, FRSA, and WorldBlue certified coach. In the realm of academia, Perry is a visiting fellow at Sheffield Hallam University Business School, Cranfield School of Management, the Royal Society of Arts (RSA), Hult International Business Scool, Ashridge Executive Education.

Contents Overview

ONE: Context

  • Chapter – 01: Our Ever Changing World – Where is the Hope and Hype?
  • Chapter – 02: Today’s Work – How Have We got to This?
  • Chapter – 03: The Story of the Human Resource Profession – A Problem Child of the Post-Industrial Era?
  • Chapter – 04: What’s HR Ever Done for Us?

TWO: Models

  • Chapter – 05: What is Transformational HR?
  • Chapter – 06: Transformational HR – The Models
  • Chapter – 07: The One Model to Rule them All?

THREE: Narratives

  • Chapter – 08: Transformational Tales from HR Game Changers
  • Chapter – 09: Transformational Organizations – Stories of the Future

FOUR: Future

  • Chapter – 10: Transformational HR – Putting it all Together
  • Chapter – 11: Transformational HR – Strategic-Level Significant Shifts
  • Chapter – 12: Transformational HR – A Model at Play