The Moments That Matter

By Perry Timms

With the current and enduring state of our dispersed working world, it’s more important than ever to mark the moments that matter.


Coming together as friends and colleagues to celebrate someone’s significant moment – big or small – reminds us of what really matters, not just in the moment but throughout life at large. Spreading collective love and positivity has never been easier than with Thankbox which enables personalized digital boards full of messages, images, gifs and even cash.


Plus with their paperless approach and pledge to plant a tree for every 10 Thankboxes sold, it’s never been so easy to be good, do good for others, and do good for the plant.



Togetherness is tough at times of dispersed living and working. Especially with irregular, fleeting and somewhat sterile visits and co-located working whilst we are adjusting to operating in a global pandemic.


Sending someone good wishes on a special occasion used to be the card around the depot, office or shop floor. We’ve lost that not just because of dispersal but multiple handling of something is now discouraged. So, we have to look to virtual versions and this is where Thankbox comes in.


We may think a Facebook post would suffice and of course, that shows nice intentions. But when we connect, crowd-source and share something special from a group, with an e-card and gift full of personalised comments, pictures, gifs, well-wishes and verses – now that’s powerful. Less a public display but a concentrated more discreet celebration of that person at a key moment in time.


And then if we think deeply about what is important to us in our work, the sense of purpose and meaning, the sense of achievement and difference we bring and the sense of reward and recognition, one thing stands out in survey after survey – appreciation, thanks, being noticed, and the moments in our lives when we feel appreciated by others. It used to be cakes or a little postcard. That too has been suspended and may not come back in a hurry.


In the world BC (Before Coronavirus) we may get this from a friendly exchange or celebration in a nearby bar with a peer group of colleagues, but that too has been curtailed.


This is why Thankbox is onto something with their online system of showing exactly that – gifts that recognise those life moments and give thanks for work well. It shows collective appreciation and kindness to someone, bringing more togetherness to the way we are even if not in close physical proximity for the moment (or longer-term).


With the 3-step process of Create>Sign>Send, an e-greeting card is a digital version of how you used to pass a card around and everyone would write in it. Whilst that doesn’t happen anymore in the physical world, Thankbox fills that void. And arguably, it’s better.


A virtual gift card featuring messages, images, gifs and – optionally – cash contributed by a group of people to one very appreciated person. If you need to remotely celebrate someone’s special occasion, Thankbox enables teams to create a unique, memorable and sentimental gifts.


Working in a dispersed and isolated environment from homes surely amplifies the need to show such appreciation and celebrate the moments in life, learning and working?  Thankbox is about capturing those moments that matter.


And whilst an email to a colleague might feel just as nice, it doesn’t have the feel of collective energy, sincerity, and real spirited recognition as something like an e-card or gift which has multiple contributions. A collective celebration if you will.


There’s a timeliness to showing appreciation and gratitude for something someone’s experiencing or has done that helps the team’s feel connected to each other and to bring us all closer to others.


Celebrating, recognising and showing gratitude through a product like Thankbox is a rapid, genuine and humanist way to give us all a boost when we need it most.


It brings us together. It shows we care. It spurs us on.


There’s also a caring feel to celebrating those things that are significant to people like anniversaries, new births, marriages, new pets, exam results, moving house or that promotion.


With Thankbox, we can all share those moments that matter. And help us create the bonds and togetherness that can be an energising force for good in a turbulent. Increasingly dispersed world.