Sustainability Spotlight: Team

Organising for Longevity

At PTHR we put people and impact first.


These may not be the initial two principles that come to mind when discussing business economics and fiscal prosperity, but in fact they are the only core themes you’ll find throughout our Economic Sustainability Strategy… or any strategy we find worth the page it’s written on for that matter.


We pride ourselves in leading by example to create better ways of working that deliver positive impact for people, organisations, and our world at large.


Economic sustainability is sometimes described as a trade-off between purpose and profit. However, our experience suggests that channeling our collective energy towards purpose and continuously improving on our best, leads to demand and profitability following suit. It’s become clear that this isn’t an equation of scarcity, where prioritising one offsets the other. In fact, it is an equation of abundance where the unbridled pursuit of purposeful work with meaningful impact presents the strongest likelihood for a business that is sustainable into the future.


We are a team forged and driven by our collective ambition to create a better working world, and to truly accomplish this we must build the foundations for longevity. By extension, we then consider our ambition within the context of long-term economic sustainability that looks after our people, and allows opportunities for growth.


At PTHR we approach economic sustainability through 3 lenses: people, operations, and our wider positive impact.



We’re a self-managed, remote working company, giving people the flexibility they need to lead their lives and careers with autonomy and empowerment. Half of our team are ‘working-mums’. We’re a recognized Living Wage Employer and Gold-standard 4-day Working Week organisation with a non-operating Wellness Wednesday.



It is important to us to lead by example and wholeheartedly embody the practices we stand for. Experimentation and continuous improvement are also core to our ethos. We often ask ourselves, “How might we increase efficiency? Agility? Or Future Proofing for an ever changing world?”. Our operational economic sustainability can be seen through our practices around resource allocation, progressive systems, and shifts toward radical transparency.


Wider Impact

Perhaps somewhat unconventional, our KPIs almost exclusively centre around purpose rather than profit, which can be seen through various initiatives. We offer reduced financial investment for charitable organizations. We are selective about the clients we work with ensuring they meet various standards and do not inherently detract from humanity or the planet. Additionally, we donate 10% of all proceeds of our Open Labs product suite to various charities covering a range of critical causes.


All this is not to present a run sheet of why we’re awesome (although we’d like to think we’re a moderately fun and switched on collective of people), but rather to present an alternative perspective on how we might measure success, pursue purposeful work, and pragmatise profitability as a means for future sustainability and growth.


These are the ways in which we ensure our #Team is sustainable.