My First Two Months with the PTHR Family

By Alessia Mevoli, PTHR Intern & Project Support

Introducing #5 in #TeamPTHR’s Unorthodox and Unplugged blog series. It is my pleasure to introduce Alessia Mevoli, PTHR’s first intern who has proved an awesome addition to the team from her first day 2 months ago. Today she shares her journey thus far!



It seems like yesterday when I started interning with People and Transformational HR, but two months have already passed and what a two months these have been. However, I would like to create a bit of suspense before telling you what I am actually doing and learning from such an incredible business that has the vision to foster better business for a better world, which I am truly honoured to be part of. I would like to kick off by telling you who I am and how I met Perry, the Chief Energy Officer of PTHR, and how I ended up where I am now.


I am a third year Business with HRM undergraduate student and back in February 2020, moved by the passion I have for the HR and L&D world, I decided to attend the CIPD Student Conference in London as part of my CPD. I do remember I was thrilled that day as there was a multitude of learning and networking involved – so much opportunity! I am not a shy person, do not get me wrong, but it is always a little bit intimidating to be in a completely new context. Nevertheless, I tried to take the most out of that day by making notes on the very informative and useful presentations delivered by the fabulous guest speakers. I also made a conscious effort to connect with as many people as possible during that occasion. 


To cut to the chase, once back home, I had in mind one presentation that was particularly memorable, the one of Perry Timms who talked about CPD – excelling as a people professional. His way of presenting and engaging with the audience amazed me and I decided to send a message and connect with Perry on LinkedIn. Let me say something: the best choice ever in my life. A piece of advice here to anyone who is a bit shy or lacks confidence or who simply thinks they cannot connect with great and successful people who inspire them simply because they may still be students or at the start of their career or even because they think it is not appropriate: DO IT ANYWAY! 


There is no harm in connecting with people, especially if they inspired and stimulated you. Keep the conversation going and do not be afraid to ask for help if you need it. This is only my humble opinion but it is what I did with Perry. I honestly told him that I was so inspired by what he had to say that, one day, my dream was to conquer the stage as he did. From that, I would have never expected to shadow Perry to a conference in Portsmouth on the future of HR later in February 2020 where I was given the chance to go on stage for five minutes to present my aspirations for the world I want to join as a professional, once my university studies are complete. What an experience: I enjoyed every single minute of that day without maybe realising the great opportunity I have had. Apologies if I am boring you with my story, but, in this precise moment my heart is going like a million miles an hour thinking of what I would have missed if I hadn’t met Perry. It was fate!


The key, I believe, is to keep the relationship going! I would not have ever imagined I would be interning this summer, mainly due to the unprecedented circumstances we are all going through because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Against any economic scepticism, this is what happened instead. 


One day back in May, talking with Perry, the opportunity to join the PTHR family arose. I was very worried, I kept asking myself: what if I am not able to meet the expectations? What if the Team doesn’t like me? I am 100 percent sure that every single one of you reading my blog post has asked themselves these questions at least once in their life! After two months, I can certainly admit that if I hadn’t had the courage to embrace this challenge, I would have regretted it for the rest of my life. I am experimenting with working in a forward-thinking company. They are innovative, proactive and very committed. I felt very much welcomed by this team where love and respect are the two main pillars. It is hard to find a work environment like this and, although everything was new to me, I never felt alone. Thanks to the support of Kirsten, the Head of Research and Sustainability who I closely work with, as well as Perry who I feel is my first supporter, and to the entire team, I started this experience in the best way possible. Talking to my peers, I think the element of mutual respect, support and sense of freedom to express ideas and innovation is what may lack in today’s workplaces and job designs. From what I have learnt so far, a tip from me, as only an undergraduate student, albeit one who has the inner passion to make a change, is to stop for a second and think about what makes you happy at work, what fulfils you and what does not. From here, work out how it can be improved. ‘It’s okay not to be okay’ but let’s work on making things better!


In these two months at PTHR, I have learnt so many things: I mainly worked on our weekly Hope Street newsletter, a space for optimism and wonder in an uncertain world and it’s the 13th issue already. I focus on searching for good content and it was very difficult at the beginning however it gave me the chance to refine my research skills. In addition, I developed better professional manners and communications skills. Notwithstanding, I believe I am just at the beginning of this adventure and there is so much I can still learn.


I do not intend to be too emotional but from the bottom of my heart, I would like to say a massive thank you to the PTHR team for the marvellous people they are! Thanks for giving me the chance to learn, grow and push myself further.