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Explore the Future of Work Through Conversation with Industry Experts and Perry

Lisa Gill and Tuff Leadership

Reinventing HR and Work

My guest this episode is Perry Timms, a practitioner who has spent the last twenty years in technology, organisational change and HR. He is also a global and TEDx speaker on the future of work, and a WorldBlu® certified Freedom at Work Consultant and Coach, helping organisations work in more liberated, democratic ways. We talk about what the future of HR, and work, could look like.

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David James

Developing Remote Workers

How can we support globally disparate talent in the evolving landscape of modern working?

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Julie Turney

HR Transformation

Why does HR need to Transform?

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Grace Burton and Benefex

The Employee Experience Exchange

How can we create positive and inclusive employee experiences?

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Gary Turner

Freedom Centred Leadership

How to create an energized workforce?

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Ross, Nicola, and Peter

Chief Energy Officer

What does that mean?

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Ted Hewett

Company Culture

Who really owns culture and how do you change it?

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David D'Souza and Andy Campbell

Psychology of Work

How to attract and retain the best people and set a company culture that fits an increasingly diverse workforce?

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Dr. Clair Doloriert and Julian Stodd

Social Collaborative Learning

How can organisations harness the potential of social and collaborative learning in the workplace?

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Kathryn Kendall and Cathryn Newbery

8 Key HR Trends

What trends are shaping the HR profession?

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Chris Dyer and iHeartRadio

Talent Talk

What should organization understand in order to achieve a transformative HR outlook?

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Danny Seals

Positivity and Learning

Driving continued curiosity.

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Kirsty Angerer

The Latest in Work

Navigating the workplace with the travelling ergonomist

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Jenny Andersson

Re-Energising the Profession

The future of work is in the hands of HR.

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