Live Empowered. Live Wise.

Workzbe was birthed from a stressed out, burned out hope that people could be seen as human beings and not just human workers. They put that hope into action and found when you tap into people’s humanity and spark their inner drive for autonomy, mastery, and purpose; creativity, passion and innovation follow suit.


From there Workzbe has grown into a dynamic group of experienced professionals with a passion for improving the human experience. They are led by one of the top 10 WELCOA health promotion leaders in the nation and pride themselves on having a 35% higher engagement rate than similar program options. They provide individualized assessment, consultations, virtual courses, coaching, and support groups to help move companies and their people from stressed to strategic using the following four WISE concepts:


  • Work Well focuses on ways to help people to eat better, move more, and be more mindful of themselves.
  • Work Intelligent explores how to have tough conversations and find the tools to get things done.
  • Work Safe looks at stress, vulnerability, and personal and environmental awareness to create safe environments for people to thrive.
  • Work Empowered inspires people to find and live out their purpose for life. We break down stinkin’ thinkin’ and help people unleash their most authentic selves.


Workzbe partner with progressive agencies to guide them from stressed to strategic by using their award-winning, science-backed behavioural programming. Their clients are in high pressure, high demand environments that desire accountability, efficiency, and stress management with their safety and well-being strategies.


With an average annual healthcare savings of $1900.00 per participant and a 22% average reduction in turnover rates, and a 4 out of 5 star rating their programming has shown to enhance the lives of all those they serve.