Based in Stockholm, Sweden but increasingly all over the world, Tuff in Swedish means ‘tough’ but does not translate to aggressive, macho, or Viking-like. It stands for the tough things in management like listening to, caring for, and enabling your people -and ultimately organisation- to thrive.

Tuff Leadership training teaches leadership styles that produce motivated and responsible employees to form self-reliant teams. The team at Tuff put managers through intense leadership training in common challenging management scenarios and provide substantial personal feedback and coaching to handle conflict, communication, and leadership that gives the power and accountability back to people.

In 2020, many of #TeamPTHR will undertake the Tuff Leadership Training. CEO Perry Timms underwhent the program in 2017 reporting it to be, “the most unlearning and relearning training experience of my career.” We are excited to support our partners in helping leaders and managers recalibrate their efforts to build more workplaces where people flourish.

Tuff Leadership Training