At PTHR, we know an engaging technology application when we see one. Totem is one engaging platform and it’s about engaging people at work! Knowing consultant Ted Hewett, we have built a mutual appreciation for our connected disciplines and Totems pioneering outfit of HR-related technologists. 

Totem is the mobile-first platform that tackles poor engagement by supercharging communication, recognition and performance; and helping build and inspire communities to achieve their goals. Totem reboots the relationship between employees and employers by driving emotional engagement and employee ownership. 

The newsfeed encourages team members to become authors, not readers and its gamified recognition system develops peer-to-peer feedback in real-time. Totem’s mobile-first approach to communication makes it easy for your teams to truly get to know each other and the business to align around common goals by sharing the data and events that they can impact. Instant feedback is through Totem surveys to understand how your teams feel in real-time.

We are big fans of Totem’s approach to engagement and have been delighted to feature in their events; podcasts and blog posts.