Wiser Working to Thrive in a Rapidly Evolving World.

Dr. Sarah Taylor, the founder and Director of ThriveWise, is an experienced coach, facilitator and organisational development professional. She’s been a lover of wisdom ever since her undergraduate degree in Philosophy and has sought its practical application ever since.


She began her career in the public sector, as a management trainee for NHS Lothian and then joined the City of Edinburgh Council, where she worked on a range of culture change, leadership and wellbeing programmes. Her PhD explored the concept of paradigm change and how to engage more effectively with complex and wicked problems by taking a more human approach.


She founded ThriveWise in 2019 to release the untapped human potential, energy and wisdom in organisations and to help leaders improve their ‘inner game’. She has since worked with a range of clients across diverse sectors including care, adult education, IT and local authorities. She is trained in participatory leadership methodologies including Open Space, Theory U, World Café and Collaborative Inquiry. As a certified HeartMath coach and Positive Intelligence Pioneer coach, she blends ancient wisdom with cutting-edge research into optimal human functioning. ThriveWise solutions are enhanced with biofeedback technology and a ‘mental fitness’ app to help you learn to create positive change from the inside out.