The Workplace Psychologists

People-First Business Psychologists

The Work Psychologists are a ‘people-first’ business psychology consultancy based in London with the primary purpose to help people in organisations thrive and to make the world of work better for everyone.


Considered the new vanguard, The Work Psychologists is made up of a collective of passionate, highly experienced business psychologists, business leaders, HR experts, coaches, facilitators, academics, technologists and corporate veterans.


They are here for you and your organisation to help you become the best you can possibly be. They do this by offering a number of services including a culture and change management programme, as well as leadership consultancy services comprising of comprehensive assessments, coaching and development skills as well as focus workshops promoting deeper emotional intelligence and employee wellbeing.

The Work Psychologists know that what’s good for your people is good for the bottom line too.

The Work Psychologists