The European Organization Design Forum

The EODF is a key collection of practitioners and academics with a strong footprint in organisation design. Its aim is to “build and advance the community, practice, and leadership of the field of Organisation Design and its strategic role in the connectivity to other disciplines.”

Running activities from mentoring schemes to podcasts and posts, to an annual conference in Europe. The EODF is a truly dedicated collection of designers, dreamers, and architects who are helping create more progressive, dynamic and responsive systems to power flourishing organisations in the 21st century.

A supportive membership organisation with a community run by members who are committed to the best the organisation design has to offer. There are a range of benefits and knowledge on offer through this outstanding network of brains and spirits looking to create the changes that truly will make a difference to work and working lives.

Having attended and hosted the annual conference, PTHR will be looking to help co-create and deliver another landmark experience in the 2020 version of the EODF Annual Conference.