Haider Imam and Perry Timms have been collaborating since early 2019. TeamTao has a unique offer to the world to “make you smarter, faster, kinder, & more profitable.” Tao uses behavioural science to transform performance and engagement while making sustainable cultural shifts. The key to their internationally award-winning work is to create a wave of positive change from the ground up with their innovations in people analytics and Agile Methodology.

Using behavioural science, agile techniques and data-led change, Tao Leadership developed its platform Culturebook. The platform captures the essence of the most influential people in your organisation who – largely – are not in the C-Suite. This is accomplished in a three-stage process:

  1. ANALYSE cultural behaviours with a new-level of laser-precision.
  2. LISTEN in a new way to give your most influential people a shared voice.
  3. ACTION behaviour change with real & artificial intelligence in managed sprints.
Tao Leadership