Rob Baker met Perry Timms in 2017 through mutual and social media connections and immediately hit on a shared sweet-spot -the ability for people to direct themselves and design their own roles.

Tailored Thinking describe themselves as, “Bringing a positively deviant perspective, informed by wellbeing and behavioural science, we are a positive business and performance consultancy. We support organisations to reach their highest levels of potential, bringing the best out of their staff, through education and the design and delivery of key activities and core strategy.”

Job Crafting is one of Tailored Thinking’s core offers and one which links into PTHR’s own self-managed teams; agile approaches and freedom-oriented ways of working.

Rob’s book Personalization at Work is set to release in 2020. In connection with the book Perry has stated, “Rob Baker has given me, and the profession I’ve come to love working in (HR), a huge step into the true future of work. Not the hype we get presented via media soundbites, but in the personalization of work and need to bring job crafting into people’s working lives…

It’s not that the future of work is human – it already is that. The future of work is personalization.”

Tailored Thinking