Brilliant isn’t often a word we’d use at PTHR except about our clients. We have some brilliant people we’re lucky to collaborate with and they stand out as matching our desires to see better business, for a better world. What Ali and the team at Simply Brilliance offer though is an alternative way for professionals to source brilliant people development providers to help create brilliance with their own projects and aspirations. Which is why we’re happy to be included on their platform.

Whilst we would never ordain ourselves or accept the moniker of brilliance, we know there are clients out there who are and need others to help them be, brilliance personified.

Simply Brilliance offers a simple way to find brilliance. Their select group of providers – of which PTHR is a proud member – are vetted, reviewed, and rated by the Simply Brilliance team and the wider community.

Simply Brilliance is led by 3 very different female entrepreneurs with the same vision; to simplify and enhance the search for brilliant learning providers, in order to make their lives and the lives of their peers easier. With a combined experience of over 60 years leading and developing people, they understand the challenge of getting great external partners to support organisational initiatives whether they are change programmes, apprenticeships, one-off interventions, or the implementation of new learning management systems.

Simply Brilliance was born out of a desire to develop a space where you could easily identify great providers for a variety of different needs, where you could search by rating and topic areas, and where you could clearly identify the values and approach of all providers. They wanted a place where the initial sifting had been done and you could be confident in the quality of our providers and their services.

What inspires their zebra motif might you ask? Well, it seems only fitting for the team at Simply Brilliance as they are unique, rare, and stand out from a crowd. It turns out a group of zebras is called a dazzle – which is exactly what their collection of providers do.

Simply Brilliance