Kim Atherton (CEO and co-founder of Just3Things) had a real business problem to solve as Chief People Officer at Ovo Energy: how do you scale in a regulated industry with agility and pace in creating products, services, and solutions without going so fast you’re breaking things.

In came Just3Things as an internally-built application for collaborative and Agile working. An award-nominated platform, Kim now leads this distinct venture and has an impressive client portfolio to go along with an ethos and way of working that #TeamPTHR ascribes to.

Just3Things is a software platform that empowers businesses to align and focus their efforts, act quickly to change priorities, and bring the right talent together to deliver results. It brings people together with alignment, autonomy, and creativity that keeps things planful and adaptive; experimental and evidence-based; inclusive and specialised.

We’re proud to share clients and beliefs that work best when people are given freedom and autonomy in the workplace. All parts are supported and accountable in achieving something great.