At PTHR we are big fans and users of Agile as a methodology and agile as a concept and mindset. So too are JCurv – and they also work on Agile at Scale and significant transformation programmes in larger corporations.

 Vikram Jain and Perry Timms have connected philosophies on Agile and JCurv has a strong centre on a shared desire with PTHR: To increase the speed, efficiency and effectiveness of how organisations respond to change.

JCurv’s approach is to set a clear vision, strategy and prioritised roadmap. Identifying stakeholders that champion agility and creating high-performing agile teams that collaborate through an adaptive management of work and project portfolios.

Vikram and his team help leaders understand what agile practically means and visit other organisations to see agile in action. We’re delighted to share our interests and enthusiasm for Agile and celebrate our adaptations of this fascinating method and approach to working in the unpredictable world of work we’re in.