Less work. More play.

Huler was co-founded by Nicky Hoyland, who’s on a mission to change the way we work forever. Nicky’s unwavering passion for people and technology prompted her to leave the safety of a corporate 9-5 life to revolutionise work technology with Huler.Huler’s purpose is to take care of individuals’ needs and wellbeing, improving their life by organising everything they use into one – beautifully designed – place.

Even before the pandemic, Nicky’s always been the biggest advocate for leaders embracing flexibility and investing in better workplace technology because to get the best out of individuals, you need to first give them the best working experience. And to create the most significant impact in your business, you first need to give your people what they need.

Huler is the answer to decades of uninspiring workplace platforms because it enables more collaborative and open cultures for hybrid teams.
A lifestyle app for anyone wanting to be more organised and get more done in less time.

The future of work is here. And it’s personal.