Helena Clayton Leadership Development

We have long admired Helena’s approach in the more spiritual side of leading and work. When Helena approached Perry to guest speak at one of the programme she was leading at London Business School he first got to really appreciate her work as an enlightening soul in challenging worlds. What Helena stands for is a deeper dimension of leadership than PTHR will ever get to, which is why we’re delighted to partner with Helena and bring her special blend of love and attention to the leadership craft.

A consultant of 25 years experience, Helena designs and runs innovative leadership development for public and private sector organisations. Clients range from Big 4 global consulting practices through to UK Housing Associations. Her programmes – always tightly tailored to specific needs – help leaders develop the core self-awareness to lead with skill and grace as well as the system thinking capability to lead amid complexity and paradox. 

She is also a coach, thinking partner and critical friend for leaders at all levels where her style balances support with challenge, and compassion with clarity in service of creating insight and change.

But it’s for her pioneering work exploring love in leadership that makes our partnership with Helena different. Her bold work in researching, writing and speaking about the role love could or should play in organisations – and beyond – is starting new conversations and sparking new thinking about what needs to be at the heart of leadership. This really aligns with the work we do at PTHR. So much so that PTHR are participants on the first cohort on her new Leading from Love programme being rolled out from September 2020.

Helena Clayton