Guy’s and St. Thomas

Squad Working for Pace and Talent Development

Problem Statement

How Might We… Increase pace and inclusion in our working, and focus on junior talent development in our HR team.


Product Story

Squads programme was designed with a call-to-action for volunteers across the HR team and deployed through a series of workshops. A range of topics was identified to allow for innovation within set frames.



February 2018: Discovery day with #TeamPTHR and Deputy Director of Workforce.

May 2018: Design and build of Squad working programme.

June-July 2018: HR wide training rollout.

July-August 2018: Sprint 1 kick-off across 6 squads simultaneously.

August onwards: #TeamPTHR stepped back, work continued internally with the support of bespoke resources and workbooks curated by #TeamPTHR.



  • Programme unearthed ‘hidden gems’ and talent within people.
  • Proved their ability to work at pace and foster innovation, which piqued interest in other Trusts adopting the method.
  • Lynn Demeda is continually asked to speak at events to share Guy’s and St. Thomas’ learnings and successes in autonomous and Agile ways of working.