When the team at Go Engage came to our attention through their success at the CIPD People Management Awards in 2017, there was an instant forging of spirits in trying to create employee engagement activities that went beyond surveys and tokenistic organisational responses. Go Engage does that.

Go Engage stand for, “the importance of employee engagement; how it helps to develop strong positive feelings and attitudes amongst staff, and helps staff to give their best even when times get tough.” Ultimately, this intrinsically ties with the overall success of an organisation.

The Go Engage framework provides an evidence-based, validated structure to explore employee engagement more deeply and provides the tools to respond in a tailored way to specific employee engagement needs. Then the Go Engage model helps people analyse engagement levels in all its constituent parts, helping them to customise improvement plans and visibly see the cause and effect of any engagement work. The tools and approaches for engagement within the Go Engage package are scalable at both team and organisational level. 

PTHR and Go Engage believe that the solution to engagement is in the applicability and context to different teams who have different needs. As such, the Go Engage toolkit offers teams a choice of solutions to engage your people in a way that is most pertinent and relevant to them.

Go Engage