FDM Group

Hackathons for diversity, inclusion and beyond

Problem Statement

How Might We… As an employer and change activists, engage clients, prospective clients, partners and employees in immersive topics related to diversity and inclusion? How might we innovate from the ground up around such problems of the 21st century working world?


Product Story

Using the PTHR Hackathon model, FDM hosted 50-60 people from a disparate range of companies all coming together to work on, and create solutions for, diversity and inclusion in topical areas like disability, ethnicity, neurodiversity and social mobility.



Year 1: The first Hackathon was run in 2017

Year 2: Two Hackathons per year now cover increasingly complex and challenging areas.



  • Breakthrough thinking and ideas have been developed.
  • Take away ideas have been worked into strategies.
  • FDM has become known as a host and incubator of inclusive creative thinking and Hackathons are now sold out quickly with attendees coming from a wide range of companies.