Energy Systems Catapult

Agile Organisational Design and Redesigning Roles

Problem Statement

How Might We… Shift to being a more commercially sensitive and revenue-generating organisation from current structures that are not conducive to this business model. How might we recalibrate and redesign roles?


Product Story

The mapping of the entire organisation needed to take into account workflow, decision making, lead professional roles, specific project roles, and leadership roles. A newly architected organisational model was needed.



Month 1: After 1 discovery day – which became a design day – a further design piece was produced, worked through with the CEO and proposed. 

Month 2: The new model was pitched to those most affected by this change at a board level. 

Month 3-6: Implementation began with the client leading and no further consultancy was needed despite 4 more days planned for the work. PTHR achieved the goal ahead of time and under-budget.



  • A 100% agile approach led to an immersive workshop on an impromptu basis following discovery, which was then worked up and presented to the CEO who approved.
  • The head of OD got a confident sense of what was needed. The redesign was then pitched to the board and activated quickly afterward without further consulting input. In line with our philosophy, it is our intention to start with us and succeed without us.
  • The model shows continued operating success several months afterward.