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Sparks fly when you get to know Julie. Having been very outwardly supportive of the book Transformational HR, Perry and Julie met at a graduation ceremony where Perry spoke and Julie was awarded her official accredited certificate in the HR craft. Julie’s desire and commitment to the HR profession is strong; fierce but considerate. In the community Julie operates within, she is no doubt the epicenter of progressive thinking and doing. That’s why we’re delighted to stretch our reach into the Caribbean through Julie. A friend, a fan, and a part of the family.

Julie has more than fifteen years of experience and expertise within the people management field, having worked in various HR roles in the education, reinsurance, gas and oil, and technology industries. Her relationship with HR began 15 years ago through the encouragement of a mentor.

Through her experience, Julie has adopted a people-focused approach to how she practices HR. As a certified Agile HR professional, she internalizes the people over process mantra in everything she does. Julie believes that all practitioners must create a synergy between HR information systems while humanizing the process of taking care of employees in the workplace. As the founder of Disrupt HR Caribbean and through her Podcast HR Sound Off as well as public speaking engagements, Julie is on a mission to equip the HR community with the knowledge and best practices to create better practitioners and professionals in the workplace.

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