Meeting Natasha Wallace you realise what consciousness about work is. So when Perry and Natasha first met over breakfast in Euston Station, there was a clear alignment of purpose and dreams. The book – The Conscious Effect – provides the elements that make the formula of a good organisation with a thriving culture. Speaking at Natasha’s launch celebration, Perry’s views on the world of work complemented Natasha’s own experiences and approaches so it felt natural that the two offers – distinct but related – were brought together in the PTHR family and ecosystem.

Natasha Wallace is founder and Chief Coach of Conscious Works. As a former HR Director, Natasha left her job having reached burn out. It led her to recognise that there are two fundamental things getting in the way of people staying well at work – self-knowledge and self-care. She set up her company and wrote her book, The Conscious Effect, to help fix that problem. She now ‘inspires a well world of work’ through inspiring keynote speeches, one to one and team coaching, and through advising leaders on how to create healthier and happier workplaces. 

Natasha is passionate about wellbeing and optimising human performance. With a background in culture change and leadership development, her career has been built around creating workplaces in which people can thrive – where they have a voice, can develop, and where they can take care of their own needs. 

A popular keynote speaker on the themes of Conscious Leadership, building resilience, and how to create healthy and inclusive cultures, Natasha also chairs the Engage for Success Wellbeing Action Group. Her current projects include ‘building the business case for wellbeing’ and ‘Project Bright Spot’, a research project looking at the key traits of conscious leadership.

Natasha spends part of her time working as the Chief Consciousness Officer for a scaling tech company and has had great success in helping the team to catalyse their performance – with wellbeing at the heart of the operation. 

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