Hackathons for Innovation

Problem Statement

How Might We… Address the lack of ‘space’ to innovate for clients. How might we host multi-company events which would allow for convergence and individualisation of ideas? How might we produce outcomes that would start to solve the problems many clients and partners experience?


Product Story

Competo became an incubator, facilitator and enabling force of ideas that could shift company perspectives and action plans for the future. Bringing together the methodology of PTHR Hackathons with the unique Slovenian twist of mentors; pre-surfaced challenges and a judging panel for awards. A host venue was set and a wide range of interested clients participated through sponsorship and participation.



October-November 2017: Scope, design, and marketing for the Hackathon

February 2018: First event hosted by Danfoss Engineering producing successful outcomes.

September 2018: Second event hosted by Telekom Slovenia.

March 2019 and November 2019: Third and fourth events hosted by NLB.



  • Each event was progressively iterated in format, flow, and techniques from previous versions.
  • Successful projects have gained interest and created energy from other companies to participate.
  • Competo Hackathons now create a huge buzz in the business community and are generating lively, creative and strong connections across companies who send their people. Not all ideas will fly but all Hackathons are presenting even partial solutions to some company’s problems.