Education, Awareness, Support.

BulliesOut has a proud history. Founded in 2006 by Linda James MBE, the charity has provided high quality, award-winning anti-bullying services to individuals, schools, youth settings and the workplace. It is from this strong foundation that we plan to grow. The scale of the challenges facing us as a society is unprecedented, with a rapidly increasing number of people affected by bullying behaviour. This behaviour causes other concerns and people are also coping with more complex mental health problems as a result of bullying.


The bullying issue in our schools and workplaces is real and it is urgent. More and more young people and adults are reaching out for help. Sadly many who take that brave step feel they’re not listened to and that they simply don’t matter. But each and every one of them matters to us at BulliesOut.


We’re leading the way for a future where all those affected by bullying feel listened to and supported. We’re here to make sure they receive support and have the resilience to overcome what is happening to them.

Bullies Out