PTHR and the Bridge Partnership (BRIDGE) share a number of areas of interest and commitment: most notably for more conscious business-led in more energised, inclusive ways. At 2018’s Meaning Conference, the teams connected around the concept of conscious capitalism, leadership agility, and energy.

Their story goes back over 30 years.  BRIDGE has been supporting senior leaders from some of the largest brands, develop the skills and mindsets they need to help their organisations grow and thrive.

BRIDGE was founded by two undergraduates at the University of Cambridge in 1990. They were focused on the future leaders that they and their fellow classmates wanted to become.

They asked their peers to get involved in changing the lives of children and young adults who were living on the edge of society. These experiences inspired many to lead powerfully and courageously. Since then BRIDGE has continued to find immersive and creative ways of helping transform the mindsets and behaviours of leaders. Each individual’s learning journey is transformative and life-changing.

Today, BRIDGE runs as a transformative leadership consultancy, with a The Bridge Institute as the not-for-profit arm which exists to take this work to the hardest places to solve seemingly impossible challenges.

Bridge Partnership