Linking People’s Behaviour to Business Results.

Having the possibility of collaborating and sharing knowledge with organizations like Behave4 is enriching in key ways, and open lines of curiosity and exploration in which we both thrive.

Behave4’s mission is to help organizations have more impact, create value, whilst being as productive as possible, by applying the latest methods within the scientific field of Behavioural Economics. We provide organizations with a better understanding of people’s behaviour to excel and build more humanistic workplaces.One size doesn’t fit all; that is our mantra. Each organization is unique, with a culture created by its people. If you know why people behave the way they do in the workplace, you’ll be uncovering the key for people, and therefore the whole organization, to excel.


People’s behaviour can and do create value with loyal customers, collaborative colleagues, and willing partners. Behave4 helps you identify the behaviours that create the impact you need, and thereby get the results you want.