Every now and then, an entrepreneurial individual lights up a part of the business world. So it is with Porteur Keene. PTHR’s links with Porteur go back to the excellent Future Talent events. 

Porteur has since set up Art of Talent to provide an executive search for HR, Transformation and Operations. A vivid picture is painted on the Art of Talent website: We have assembled a team of world-class individuals (we call them our ‘colours’) covering all the key areas of the talent agenda, and we blend their expertise on the Art of Talent palette to build specific solutions (or paint pictures). Every Individual has been hand-picked, and they work to the principles of collaboration, sharing and generosity set out in the Art of Talent Charter.

We believe in more artistry in the world of work and are delighted to see Porteur and the team at Art of Talent believe so too.


The Art of Talent