Optimise Employee Performance Using Behavioural Science.

PTHR’s heads aren’t turned TOO easily by tech platforms of which there’s a myriad and plethora of. But when introduced to Miriam and the team at Aequip – forgetting the product for now – there was an instant ‘match’ in spirit, beliefs and ways of being. Now the product. We’ve heard the rhetoric on ‘engaging our people’ for so long and yet to see a platform that truly does that. Yammer, Slack, MS Teams, Workplace, Jive, Chatter. And now the real winner: Aequip. It’s not just an answer to how people can give feedback, influence their company and share ideas. It’s potentially THE answer to the conundrum of how you get to know the thoughts and feelings of your people. We suspect this will be a big big deal. We’re delighted to be in early as a proud partner with this progressive tech and virtuous group of people.

Aequip is a mobile, feedback and listening platform that actively measures and promotes trust within an organisation. 

Disconnects between what company leaders know and what employees experience can undermine both the organisation’s agility and productivity. Adapting quickly to a rapidly changing work environment requires trust between an employee and their employer. Without it, critical issues can go unannounced and valuable ideas can be overlooked because employees may not feel safe enough to speak up. 

Aequip supercharges your company’s internal communications with behavioural science, so that you can get more value out of every interaction with everyone in your business. Our anonymous platform actively helps leaders and employees alike to speak up with ideas, questions, and concerns, while delivering in-app behavioural nudges that encourage inclusive, transparent, and consistent communication from all parties. Aequip’s tailored inclusion and speak-up analytics allow you to track how your organisation is progressing in real-time without any additional effort, or use of long, tedious surveys.