"Better Business for a Better World".

About Us

We Are…

A micro consulting venture in its 9th year of operation with a big heart and bigger ambition to shape, ‘Better Business for a Better World’. Our aim is to help create workplaces where people flourish, that are sustainable and successful, and in line with the spirit of Next Stage Organisations. We offer consulting and products that deliver learning and transformational work design; solutions and support; and create spaces for research and experimentation with progressive HR, OD & leadership.

Who We Are

We Aspire To…

Enable “Better Business for a Better World”, that extend beyond useful and revenue-generating consulting, learning and advisory work. Our mission is fundamentally centred in  the creation of seismic shifts in the culture, operating models, skills and behaviours in people in organisations. We guide companies who align and believe in the potential for this organizational existence but equally admit that they don’t know precisely how to do that, and don’t want to jeopardise a successful, and well-run organisation for an ideology. Indeed, many clients are not even aware of Next Stage Organisations but sense the benefit and need to become more humanist; inclusive; agile and responsive to the needs of people in the 21st Century.

How We Operate

We Operate…

Defined by our Stacks model for our business, we will provide consulting and advisory services, learning and enabling interventions that help companies in pursuit of their version of better business for a better world.

We work with you to create solutions and capitalise on opportunities to unleash the potential of your organisation.

We will:

  1. Build programmes of work that help skill and develop your people with specific, tailored methodologies and approaches for work.
  2. Produce materials to provide insight, models, theories, and applications to improve how you approach work and deliver for your clients.
  3. Create a more collaborative, sharing and supportive environment for your leaders and teams enabling people to be more effective, efficient and purposeful in their work. Ultimately, this improves results, creates value and positively shapes the impact your organisation provides for customers, clients, partners and communities who you operate with, for and in.
  4. Leave you with more capabilities, tools, and techniques to sustain lasting positive impact and continue to create value. We want you to start with us and succeed without us.
  5. Shift culture, behaviours, and processes towards more lasting improvements that will bring additional and adjacent possibilities to support your reason for being and purpose.
  6. Create tangible evidence of what has been realised in terms of benefits and value creation that not only proves the merit of our work, but provides clarity,  learning, acknowledgment, and future directions for your success.

All of our work is bespoke and fit for purpose to your needs. We develop products based on your challenges, and aspirations based on our intelligence, sensing, and realisation of new opportunities. We are centered in co-creation and experimentation with you, our network, our clients and partners who can support and validate new ventures and innovation.

Cata Contoloru

Chief People & Operating Officer


Jessica Bailey

Head of Partnerships & Client Development


Megan Phelps

Head of OD & Business Transformation


Adrienne Skelton

Strategy & Research Advisor


Alice Mariti

Digital & Social Engagement Officer


Zoe Lynch

Digital Content & Animation Designer


Maddy Woodman

Project Lead: D&I and Learning Innovation


Ann-Marie Barlow

Change and Organisation Development Partner

What We Stand For

We Value…

Accountability, Bravery, Collectiveness, Difference, Experimentation.

We work with these five key values every single day in delivering our business, which equates to this: by providing a transformational HR consultancy service, PTHR will help set out an improved value proposition for people in the workplace.

Find Us Globally…

We operate as a digital-first, remote, agile, self-managed organization across all corners of the globe. We pride ourselves on our international team, and love forging new friendships near and far.

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