Perry’s first book published in October 2017 with  Kogan Page: Transformational HR: How Human Resources can create value and impact business strategy.

A book that describes the quantum shift needed in the way people and organisational flow, is designed, developed and delivered to build more human, progressive and dynamic ways to work, fit for people and the business of the 21st Century.

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What can PTHR do for you?


PTHR can help you create a new set of meaningful values, a vision and a mission.

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PTHR can help you understand the state of the employee value proposition, the employee “deal”, and how to improve.

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PTHR can facilitate improved manager and job holder relationships through new approaches to performance management and development.

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PTHR can create a programme that will deliver a coaching culture to improve everyone’s skills, performance, and behaviour.

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People may not always like the term HR, but it best describes a professional body whose purpose is to make things better for everyone else at work. I, therefore, aim to continue to represent HR positively; to make the profession proud of what I am setting out to accomplish; and do so with my own style, passion and drive.

Thank you for reading this and finding out how I propose to do that – I hope – with you.


Transforming the Future of your Workplace

#Future of work
Creator of the 7 Dimensions of the Future of Work keynote/workshop.
I am a TEDx, International CPD-accredited speaker on our emerging future.


#HR re-worked
HR metamorphosis for a transforming world of work.
I speak, write and consult on a new HR proposition, fit for 21st Century work.


#Democracy at work
New structures & organisational flow to create a great place to work.
I am the world’s only certified WorldBlu® Consultant + Coach.


#Hackathons for work
To innovate & reimagine work using inclusive/open “ideas-jams”.
I am the CIPD/MiX Guide for the Hacking HR Programme.


#Social Technologies and work
Connect, share and learn using social media and collaborative tools.
I am Social Media & HR Adviser to the CIPD.





What was once a largely administrative department is now a sophisticated business partner and strategic enabler, capable of influencing organisational goals. Playing a huge part in this transformation is the growing number of visionaries, disruptors, and forward-thinkers, who are introducing new and innovative HR practices. Perkbox has recently published the Top 30 HR Influencers list to highlight those who are instrumental in this development. The list comprises practitioners undertaking pivotal roles and making outstanding contributions to the industry; those constantly innovating and inspiring others to create fulfilling and engaging workplaces.


Check out who’s making waves in the Perkbox Top 30 HR Influencers
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“It’s very much a privilege to be able to work in HR, and I continue to feel blessed by my connections and inspired by those who share my passion. If you’ve got a great project you need help with, I’d love to hear from you.



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