Of course this would be a preposterous word and a daft title for a style or model of leadership.

Except it’s a mashed up word that describes some key features of a leader who should be fit to lead in the 21st century.  Indeed heading into the third decade of the 21st century.  Sobering thought that we’re as near to 2030 as we are 2000.

So leadership then.  In the 21st Century.  And that long and ridiculously incoherent word. Read More

It’s mostly about work and our profession that I use this site as an outlet to share thoughts, stimulate others and generally get stuff going to improve HR and work.  That’s why I do it.  Click bait titles?  Self-indulgent masked glorification?  Doom philosophies with pompous intellectual condescend?  Not for me.  Positivity, hope, growth, learning, respect.  Those are words I have in mind when I draft on here.

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Alliterations aid accentuation.

Except in this case these 3 words are the most important ones for me this year and – I believe – for those interested in creating a better working lot for all of us and those to come.  Connect: Create: Change

Doing a good job?  Fantastic.  It’s great that people lean in, have their heart in their work and make good things happen. Read More

So what happens when 20 or so people who really give a fig about things come together and hack?

And I don’t mean they labour over some ideas but call it a hack to be trendy.  I mean PROPER get into the code of something and splice new lines into it like a real hack should be. Read More